Delivers the Torque Where it's Needed.

Features and Benefits

  • U.S. Electrical Motors provides complete drive motor capability, hence unit responsibility.
  • Cast iron and efficient.
  • Combination of patented taper shaft and adaptor brackets provides flexibility of mounting different frame size motors on any given gear case.
  • All pinion and gears are straddle mounted for reduces shaft deflection.
  • Oil pumps are used with safety oil pressure switch.
  • Easy oil drain valve.
  • Bearings are of the finest tapered roller design, capable of handling heavy thrust and overhung loads.
  • External oil sight tube.
  • Easily removable external oil pumps are used with internal copper tubing to keep units running cooler.
  • Optional mounting base plate provided to retrofit other manufacturer's drop-in.

  • Quick release jacking screw provided for easy disassembly of motor shaft.
  • Longer bearing spans on al shafts reduce bearing and housing loads.
  • Breathers, either standard, dust, or water resistant, are provided as application requires.
  • Dry well lower design and lower grease filled bearings assure against possible oil leakage.
  • Housings are made of corrosive resistant cast iron.
  • The slow speed end of the gear unit is integral with the gear case, eliminating potential oil leaks between the output bracket and gear case housing of ordinary designs.
  • Vertical units utilize double-lipped friction type seals on both input and output shafts.
  • Larger output shafts are provided for extra strength with ample usable length for coupling, pinion or sprocket mounting and are drilled, tapped on bottom to accept thrust plate.


We pioneered the development of vertical gear products for mechanical aerators in the petro-chemical and water pollution control equipment department. With the addition of new models from the Hercules family, we now offer a complete range of vertical gear products from 3 to 400 HP; 1,000-600,000 inch pounds of torque, which will meet rigorous applications demanded by the waste water treatment industry.


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