Delivers the Torque Where it's Needed.

Important Features Incorporated in the New Hercules Design.

A - B  Combination of patented taper shaft and of adapter brackets provides flexibility of mounting different frame size motors on any given gearcase.
C U.S. Electrical Motors provides complete drive motor capability, hence unit responsibility.
D Quick Release jacking screw provided for easy disassembly of motor shaft.
E Breathers, either standard, dust, or water resistant are provided as application requires.
F Hercules are fitted with conveniently located lifting eye bolts.
G Housings are made of corrosion resistant cast iron.
H The slow-speed end of the gear unit is integral with the gear case, eliminating potential oil leaks between the output bracket and gearcase housing of ordinary designs.
I Horizontal units utilize double-lipped friction type seals on both input and output shafts.
J Output shafts are keyed and have ample usable length for coupling, pinion, or sprocket mounting.
K Bearings are of the finest tapered roller design, capable of handling heavy overhung loads.
L Foolproof splash lubrication system.  Oil pumps are used in vertical.
M All pinions and gears are straddle-mounted for reduced shaft deflection.
N Remove motor and adapt worm gear module quickly to increase ration number thru 9420-1

Other Features

  • Gearmotor, MOTORMOUNT,  C-Face, helical reducer, or piggyback configurations are available from the basic reducer module, allowing selection of  the unit best suited to the application.
  • Oil level and drain plugs located on both sides of all gear units for customer convenience.
  • Oil sight gauges and inspection plates on all but smallest models. 
  • Stainless steel name plate standard.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Worm gear module easily mounts to front four.


  • On all medium and large size units extra long high speed shafts are standard for mounting of a cooling fan or the addition of special seals.
  • Special seats are available for Teconite and other abrasive dust applications.   Seals are installed on output end of housing and are equipped with alemite fittings.
  • A cooling fan may be furnished when required for increased thermal capacity.  It is installed on the input shaft.
  • A backstop may be easily added to the helical reducer, MOTOMOUNT, C-Face and 'piggyback' units.

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