Delivers the Torque Where it's Needed.

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It's another design breakthrough! From the leader in gear products. We've taken a unique approach to the conventional gear reducer and designed a new one from the ground up. To make it tougher, simpler, more versatile, quieter, and more efficient. We call it HERCULES.

Then we put it all together as a complete family of products. To give you five different configurations to choose from. Units ranging from fractional through 1000HP.

A New Gear Reducer Design

At the heart of the Hercules system is a new slightly offset parallel shaft reducer design, previously used only in much larger sizes, this design is what makes Hercules unique. It enabled us to rearrange the gears in a new triangular configuration for higher space efficiency. To straddle mount gears and pinions for minimum deflection.

The result? A new reducer design that packs the power. Hercules has more torque per pound, lower weight, quieter operation and is designed to operate reliably with virtually no maintenance except normal lubrication changes. Hercules has a simple two-piece cast iron case, ideally suited for hostile environments. It is one of the most significant developments in gearing products the past 30 years!


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First Rate For All Gearing Needs

Hercules products are available in fractional through 1000HP ratings. You can select from a complete line of gear drives ranging from 200 through 850,000 inch pounds of output torque.

Suitable gear ratios of 1-1 to 9420-1 are available in single, double, triple and quadruple reductions to provide standard speeds from .18 to 2000 final RPM. They complete our family of geared reduction units, both motorized and non-motorized.   Vertical and horizontal assemblies.

And because the Hercules module is so versatile, single, double, triple and quadruple reduction units are available in same gear housing. This feature enables our network of distributors to offer a complete line of products with faster delivery, added flexibility in speeds and ratings, plus reduced inventories.

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Delivers the Torque Where it's Needed

The pulp and paper industry...
Grain handling...
The mining industry...
Material handling...

Hercules products have already proven their performance from coast to coast through tough field testing. Its impressive design features provide added strength and flexibility that have gained enthusiastic customer acceptance for Hercules products. Hercules is the culmination of 30 years experience in gearing. Its unique design further enhances its reputation as leading supplier of gear products to all industrial markets for today and for future.


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We pioneered the development of vertical gear products for mechanical aerators in the water pollution control equipment market. With the addition of new models from the Hercules family, we now offer a complete range of vertical gear products from 5 to meet the rigorous application requirements demanded by the waste water & Petro Chemical Industry.

Important Features Incorporated in the New Hercules Design.

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